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Creating a strong web presence as businesses, through digital marketing, website development Halifax, website design Halifax, social media marketing, search engine marketing, graphic design, email marketing, and search engine optimization, can help you reach millions of online users who might become potential clients elevating your company to a universally compatible entity. With extensive market research, Puppetbrush web developer Halifax and all their web designers in Halifax has listed below, all solutions regarding, Halifax design, web development Halifax and Nova scotia web design Halifax NS -Canada.

Due to new technology ideas, life in the social world changed from a space of dyadic communications to online communications, and so has the world of business. To generate leads for your company, your goals need to be executed, your presence needs to be felt, and your brand needs to be visible with the use of technology, digital marketing services and Halifax Web Design. To make such things happen for your business in Atlantic Canada, Puppetbrush web design agency Halifax can assist you with responsive web design development, secure web hosting, graphic design, logo design, content writing, branding and the whole design process needed to build an incredible website along with reliable technical support for website maintenance.


Main Goals of Website-Design Halifax NS


Brand Consistency & Trust

Web design ideas, influence how most individuals judge the credibility of your company. By just looking at things like logo, UX, graphic design & app development styles, consumers identify successful business organizations. So it’s important to ensure that your website designs are relatable with the items available in your business. Your outline, print design, tiny graphic design, logo, and fonts should be similar to the website style to maintain consistency for your ecommerce branding.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Web design has an immense effect on your site’s content publishing potential, which then affects how top search engines rank your page. That aside, the search engine optimization (SEO) marketing strategy and the entire digital strategy can be hampered by some web design components. Use search engine optimization (SEO)-friendly measures and responsive web design elements to improve page visibility. If you’re unable to do it by yourself, you can always employ professional SEO & web designing companies to optimize your site for search engines and bring organic traffic to your website, improving your online presence.



Proper designs enable users to access what they’re looking for from your website easily. 86% of website users are seeking data about your goods or services, 52% are looking for your businesses about page and 65% are searching for contact data, according to a web usability survey. It’s easier to find these items with proper web designs. Surfers would otherwise have a poor user experience (UX), spending less time on your custom websites.


Customer Satisfaction

By just visiting your website to browse and buy, your targeted audience will get an insight into how you handle your customers. Not investing in the designs of your page makes your targeted audience disbelieve in your ability to be economical and efficient. Invest in a vivid, up-to-date, and eye-catching web design to make your business look open and inviting. Most importantly, make sure that it has easy but intelligent navigation that can provide your targeted audience with pleasant experiences without issues.


Surpass Competitors

It’s easier to generate leads when your web design is more refined and optimized than others. Integrate features into your site that will make your business unique. The purpose here is to illustrate how your service can be much better than others in the same field.


Mobile-friendly Custom websites

Most online searches are now taking place on a mobile phone and mobile apps. A mobile-friendly website design is essential to be active on all devices now that Google has implemented a mobile device-first approach. In reality, more than 80% of adults agree that the mobile app/ web layout of a business should be as good as or better than their web design for desktops.



You can guide your targeted audience according to your preferences with a great website design as you gain control of their focus. As a result, you can realize higher conversion rates and improving the viewers’ user experience (UX) with beautiful websites that are mobile friendly.

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Key Elements of Quality Nova Scotia Web-Design


Fast Page speed

A significant aspect of web design is page speed. By using Google Page Speed Insights, you can check your site speed and required adjustments. The other choice is to rely on the services of digital marketing companies for page speed.  This allows you to concentrate on other operations of the business as you reap the benefits of a quick page load.


Efficient navigation

Users want to view information fast and conveniently when they access your site. After generating leads, if you want the targeted audience to stay on your page, focus to ensure easy navigation & good user experience.

Proper design

Proper graphic design is necessary now more than ever with the rise of mobile devices. Your custom websites can be accessed by your targeted audience from an electronic device such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The graphics designer must ensure good UX design for a pleasant experience if you want these people to stay on your site.


Consistency & Style guide

One of the factors for which web design is essential is because it provides continuity throughout your website. Uniformity helps create brand recognition for your targeted audience and keeps them engaged for longer on your pages. A style guide enables you to keep your website with a consistent brand image.


Meaningful visuals

Sufficient visual options are essential for website design as they help increase interaction on a website. Customers are more likely to engage with a video than with text. Although visual elements are great for engaging and splitting up text, some businesses’ logo designers go overboard with the logo/images. They are crowded with photos, logo and app video production on their sites. It makes the site feel messy and chaotic.


Good copy

To obtain data and learn about your business, your targeted audience visits your website. For consistency, your writing style should fit with your website design. Like the overall structure, the content on your site gives life to your site, so it’s important to provide your targeted audience with useful information they need through proper content marketing for your articles.


Call-to-action (CTA) buttons

You want to direct users toward conversion after you generate leads on your custom websites. Your call-to-action (CTA) button is a key element of that. When you try to get your targeted audience to raise activity, web design value is obvious. These buttons match your structure style, but on the page, they stand out. You’ll help drive better results on your page or app by incorporating CTA buttons into the new website.

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Web Development Halifax, NS- Canada


Purpose of website development Halifax NS

Website development is important to inform people about all the knowledge of the goods and services you sell. Also, with web development, you can easily interact with your users, improving your internet marketing, pay per click campaigns, & connectivity process to demonstrate your custom WordPress website reliability.

Simple web applications development companies or freelancer web designers working on front end development or even your known designers developers working on effective website building or software development can give you a rough idea about how important SEO (Search engine optimization) and web design development and hosting is for your overall online presence through marketing.


Web Developer Halifax NS In-Depth

Web developers also referred to as programmers, take the developed concept and build websites flawlessly. When you design site, simply think of the design as a non-interactive “image” of a website build. Developers take the structure style into their components and split it up for. To create the different website pages, they then either use only HTML or a more dynamic approach integrating programming languages such as PHP.  For streamlined development and easier, way of website maintenance for users, more advanced web developers can prefer to use a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla. By using image and content sliders, active states for links and buttons, and other interactive elements, web developers can turn a static structure into a dynamic mobile friendly website.




A web design house based in Halifax NS, Canada Puppetbrush web Design Company has a wealth of experience in Nova Scotia web design and development maintenance for businesses. Ranging from SMEs to large organizations in the Halifax NS area and beyond, we appeal to a diverse client base. Whether you’re in Brunswick street or Halifax ns b3l 2a3, we got you covered with secure web hosting and seo friendly, custom WordPress web design in Halifax & all other provinces of Canada.

All the custom websites we develop are fueled with creativity. Our team of experts in Halifax NS, creates a design experience & social media marketing that captures your targeted audience turning website visitors into loyal customers. Be it web development, branding, email marketing, graphic design, logo design or web designer services. All team members are experts in their respective fields, and take great pride in providing reliable technical support for your mobile friendly website even within a tight deadline when needed.

Our process for building websites is simple-to take every aspect of your web development project into consideration. For all organizations, we deliver cutting-edge customized WordPress website with custom web solutions and secure web hosting. Puppetbrush web designer is there to provide you with affordable website design and development with seo services, branding and internet marketing solutions in Halifax NS (Nova Scotia), Canada, whether you are a real estate company seeking to conquer the local web competition or clothing management companies trying to create local goodwill in the e commerce industry.

Be it beautiful Annapolis valley or any province in Atlantic Canada, no e commerce small business is the same, so we listen to your specific internet marketing needs and give you creative results to perfect mobile friendly web development, email marketing, branding, social media marketing, pay per click campaigns and web designer services for your e commerce business.



PuppetBrush Web Designer offers all the must-have for websites


Tablet and Mobile Friendly Websites

With all the tech advancements for each mobile app development company and app developers, the bulk of web traffic in the new computerized world originates from a smart mobile phone. Hence, we design and develop ecommerce websites in a way that is mobile friendly and has accessibility from all mobile devices.


SSL Security

When we build custom websites it is configured with SSL encryption. In addition to designing sites, on the off chance that confidential data such as telephone numbers, texts, or charge card numbers would be tolerated by your platform, this ensures that your users can trust you with their details.


Fast and clean loading

During the design and development stage, we regularly monitor your custom websites to ensure that they are fully functional, modified, and have a fast loading time. A website with a high load time will affect the placement of your search rank and cause potential clients to get eager and take their business elsewhere.


Keyword Research

The keyword analysis is a major part of the on-page SEO of your website. Before designing sites, we plan each page during our website design development composition time of the project, using the best SEO practices to find out which kind of keywords and expressions get you the most notable amount of valuable traffic for your business websites.


Custom Design

Google prosecutes your website for ineffective written or copied material when it detects plagiarism. The content on your website should be very structured with relevant headings and subheadings. While designing sites it’s important to remember that your e commerce business website design should also be unique, entertaining, and optimized if you need it on search engine results pages to climb up the SEO ladder.


User Friendly

We design and develop websites with user experience in mind, so our sites, by a plan, are anything but difficult to explore. Interconnecting pages, legal menus, and breadcrumbs, and the style all help consumers navigate their way through their websites, making both the clients and Google-like search engines happy. If the clients can’t figure out what they’re looking for very easily, they won’t be there for long.



Web Design Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

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Demonstrating excellence in Web Design Halifax and social media marketing, Puppetbrush Web Designer isn’t only there with the clients’ business during research, hosting, designing sites, and operational process of the project. Our Halifax NS web designer team is always available for assistance after your site is live, for the project, whenever possible. With our Website Design Halifax, we also provide social media marketing solutions, such as economical seo, to assist the process by automatically propelling your website-driving traffic & visitors to your ecommerce business. We design and develop our customers website with utmost passion and focus & our team of web designers in Halifax NS, Canada is suited for the entire process!

There are numerous benefits to website design and development using Puppetbrush digital marketing and web designer services. While you focus on your business, our team of web designers helps you manage your domains, hosting, security certificates, pay per click campaigns, marketing and all goals online. Some features that are important to its online survival also come with a great new website from our powerful design house.

To contact us, fill in our contact form or contact us via phone/social media for the best of experiences in Halifax NS (Nova Scotia), Canada.


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