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With the plethora of marketing services/SEO services available in Montreal, it’s not always easy to choose the best quality, cost-effective Montreal SEO company or SEO experts online, with strategies and techniques for a small company website, to get them ranked on the first page of Google.

Is your Montreal company going unnoticed on the internet? In 2021, if people can’t locate your website using search engines, your business is effectively non-existent. This is something that Puppetbrush, as a Montreal SEO agency, is working to change. We make your brand stand out online in a city with roughly 59,633 businesses. It is our responsibility to ensure that your website ranks as good as possible in key Montreal-based searches. To accomplish this, we create personalized SEO strategies for each of the businesses we work with. Puppetbrush SEO agency can help you increase qualified traffic to your site while increasing your rankings in search engines using Montreal SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services.

What is SEO service provider

Search Engine Optimization is abbreviated as SEO. What is an example of a search engine? You guessed it: Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on. Search engines utilize a complex algorithm to retrieve web results depending on a user’s search “query.” A large number of people utilize search engines to look for products, ratings, and details about upcoming purchases. What happens when your website is at the top of Google search results? Right! Your website will receive a large amount of traffic, which will result in quality leads and revenue.

If you live in the Montreal area, search engine optimization, often known as Montreal SEO, is an important part of any effective local digital marketing strategy. If you’re in a different Canadian province, you’ll still need local SEO services as well.

Puppetbrush generates value-maximizing results for small businesses by combining the best of on-page & off-page SEO, with PPC. You’ve come to the correct spot whether you need quality SEO management services to attain top search engine rankings, the finest website design, or social media advertising from a reputable and economical SEO firm.

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Are SEO services worth it?

A series of researches on the efficiency of employing an SEO strategy to obtain traffic has revealed that organic search results account for 70% of all clicks. In addition, 75% of web users using a search engine only go to the first page. Executing an SEO strategy not just enables you to reach a larger audience, but also allows you to increase traffic. Because search engines draw ten times more visitors to business sites than social medias, the impact is even higher for an e-commerce site. Today, search engines are the focus of everyone’s attention. If you want to reach your audience, search engine optimization is a good place to start.

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How much is SEO services?

The majority of SEO monthly retainers in Canadian provinces range from $700 to $2000. One-time search engine optimization projects price ranges from $5,000-$30,000 and the consultation fee could be between $80-$200 per hour. Pricing varies upon your requirements and marketing objectives. If you merely need content written, your price will indeed be different from someone who wants to completely dominate search engines.


Local SEO Services Montreal

As a professional SEO Montreal firm, our SEO experts are committed to delivering the highest quality services for local Montreal businesses wishing to rank their website for essential search terms. Strengthening your local Montreal SEO efforts will undoubtedly generate additional significant value for your company and website. Our quality local Montreal SEO services and SEO strategy will place you miles ahead of the pack.


How Much Does Local SEO Cost?

Depending on your company needs, competitiveness, and location, most local SEO campaigns charge from $300 to $2,000 each month. The plan you select and the service’s long-term worth will finally determine the cost of local digital marketing.

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Website needs Search Engine Optimization?

Puppetbrush SEO company hooks you up with the best strategies!

Are you looking for search engine optimization services to help you improve your search engine rankings? Puppetbrush  SEO is one of the finest search engine optimization and web marketing service that assures your business is constantly at the top of the search results for local queries about your industry. Puppetbrush tries to give the best quality solutions to help businesses flourish in the long run as one of the most inventive and results-driven Montreal SEO services. Websites that obtain search engine traffic and those that do not are generally distinguished by effective digital advertising methods. With the process explained below, we can help you establish a winning web marketing formula in Montreal by implementing the best advertising strategies: –


Every company in Montreal is unique. As a result, putting our quality SEO services into effect begins with a thorough investigation. During the discovery phase, we get to know your company, industry, and branding. We’ll figure out who your target audience is in a range of key discussions, then break down their common beliefs and preferences.


Google Analytics is a free and simple tool to track site traffic and visitor activity in real-time. As a result, during analytics audits, we’ll make sure Google Analytics is thoroughly integrated on your site. Later on, as part of fresh search engine optimization campaigns, we’ll use Google Analytics to see how folks discover and connect with your website.


We work with you to determine your target audience, throughout the discovery phase. When we understand what’s popular and what’s not, we can create results-driven content advertising methods that cater to your customers’ desires.


Is your company site up to date in terms of web standards? Web design errors and technical concerns can hamper your website’s potential to rank on Google’s first page. As a result, we perform a thorough check-up of your website  before implementing SEO Montreal or content-related strategy. We look at over 200 unique technological variables that can make it difficult for search engines to find your website. Then, if there are any performance difficulties, we swiftly address them.


In business, wise competitors open room for growth. If, on the other hand, your immediate competition consistently surpasses you, you need to figure out why. We employ clever techniques at Puppetbrush to research businesses that are comparable to yours. We find out what techniques businesses employ to gain more web exposure. We also look at strategies for you to gain a distinct competitive advantage over your competition.



Are you aware of the terms consumers use to look for businesses like yours in search engines? Optimizing for essential search terms relevant to your sector is an important aspect of SEO Montreal. As a result, at Puppetbrush, we execute solid keyword research using Google to determine which phrases you should rank for to attract more customers in Montreal. We use the keyword list we’ve accumulated to optimize all of your website content and assets. Proper keyword research enables you to begin gaining more organic site traffic and an improved presence in search engines.


Google does not simply rank websites based on how well-optimized their websites are for relevant keywords. In addition to keywords, search engines consider the number of links pointing to your website from high-authority websites. The better your site ranks in relevant search queries, the more links it has and the better the authority of those links. We examine the link profiles of your competitors to determine the types of links you must be collecting. This allows us to find strategies to use similar backlinks to your advantage.

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Our SEO agency has designed a systematic technique that covers all of the steps and key elements for your website success to ensure concrete, beneficial outcomes. Here is a list of all of the solutions and services that our company provides.


The digital market research will inform the strategy we offer. This document will outline for your business, the golden opportunities setting objectives to benefit from each one. This strategy with an SEO analysis will serve as the compass for all subsequent site optimization efforts. Before granting one of our strategists a thumbs-up, our SEO agency will provide you the plan of attack so that you can make the final decision.

Search Engine Marketing

It is the total strategy for website exposure across all search engines, such as Google. It’s advised to combine SEM steps with a natural SEO strategy. Right away, our SEO expert will assist you in creating a successful Google Ads campaign that targets vital keywords for your business. Our digital marketing agency uses this method effectively for traffic generation.


Social Media Marketing

Marketing experts in our SEO agency will strategize with you to identify the demography, geography, and psychography of your clients. Based on that, we create a custom strategy with posts and ads for you to engage with your clients on social medias, educating your clients about your products and services.



Link building is the process of directing additional links to your website to improve its reputation and credibility in the eyes of Google. This is referred to as “domain authority”. A good domain authority indicates a strong position for your website. Link building is a cornerstone of good SEO and among the most important aspects which an SEO agency should improve for its clients. Whenever it comes to backlinks, we don’t search for quantity at our SEO agency. We look for high-quality solutions to provide quality customer service for our clients.


If you handle the majority of your business in a single area, local SEO is a must-have for your business: it focuses on providing location-based search results to consumers searching for a product or service nearby. It’s not enough to just register your business to Google Maps; you’ll also have to improve your business information like service hours, company details & classifications. You’ll place yourself in the perfect position to become a leader in your local market if you create a local strategy collaborating with our SEO agency.


A successful internet marketing strategy necessitates original, high-quality content, as well as an optimization strategy that places your material in front of the relevant people on Google. Our agency’s certified professional writers can help you with everything from website pages to blog writings and electronic books.

Web design and development

We make custom websites designed to meet your needs. Lead your customers through an interactive experience with a flawless website built to perfection!

Why Puppetbrush SEO Agency is your best bet!


If you’re seeking a quality Montreal SEO agency, you may have found us by searching Google for terms like “SEO services,” “SEO agency,” “SEO Montreal,” and so on. We will have no difficulty positioning your business if we can rank at the top ourselves in one of the most competitive industries (as our competitors are also SEO experts).


To establish long-term results for our clients, we need to follow the guidelines as an SEO agency with the coveted “Premier Google Partner” designation. There are no dubious techniques or miraculous formulas concocted out of the blue at Puppetbrush. To make sure that our clients get the top ranks, we research Google updates and the best practices and methods for SEO Montreal & digital advertising.


Rather than subcontracting Puppetbrush does all of its SEO services by itself (content optimization & development, site optimization, link building, etc.). Puppetbrush employs it’s marketers, SEO experts, designers, and developers having complete control over the quality and timeliness of the services it provides.


We can begin by working together for a month and then let you choose whether or not you want to proceed with our services. Our contracts are incredibly flexible because we have firm faith in our SEO experts. For further information, please contact us.


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When you choose to work with Puppetbrush, the best agency for SEO Montreal, you can rest assured that our SEO services and strategy will give you a fully optimized website that is ready to conquer your competitors with the greatest SEO results. Call +1 (888) 902 6101 right now to schedule an appointment. Chat with one of our SEO Montreal professionals for free, to get insightful advice that will set you on the correct path to achieving your SEO Montreal objectives.

Our team is made up of creative minds and marketing professionals who are dedicated to what they do and are always in touch with their clients to find the best solutions to help them achieve their objectives.

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