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Most times your page will not rank well even if it is built with flawless website design and contains the most relevant SEO content. Even the best SEO content is useless if no one ever sees it, so search engine optimization helps people find it. Without persuasion in the form of SEO services, search engines like Google will not rank a website highly. Google ranks a site based on the success of its home page SEO, navigation, marketing techniques, page loading speed, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, SEO audit, and other factors.

At Puppetbrush our team of SEO specialists plans out the best SEO strategies with our clients to enable businesses to strengthen their online presence for being seen across all major search engines, not just Google. We create top-notch digital marketing strategies and online services tailored to your needs. Before we learn more about SEO, website design, graphic design, content marketing , social media, and SEO ppc tips, let’s answer the questions most frequently asked by many business clients of a digital marketing agency.

What is SEO and why does it matter?

The technique of altering the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “organic” search results is known as search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is important because, without it, a site or webpage would appear lower in search results than it could, resulting in fewer visitors.

Should I hire an SEO company?

Yes, if you want long-term success and value with award-winning tactics, you should hire an SEO agency. Any business’s pace of development now necessitates the use of an SEO company. After all, it’s vital for making your website stand out in a crowded sector and getting the most out of your digital marketing budget apart from other areas like email marketing& public relations etc.

What is SEO used for?

SEO in its most general sense is used to attract search engine users who are looking for keyword terms relating to your site.  The advantages of SEO are-

  • It helps to rank up a businesses’ website on top of the Google search results page.
  • It gathers more qualified traffic and revenue
  • Grow your business with relatively low marketing costs.

Is SEO still relevant in 2020?

The truth is that SEO is still relevant, and the approach is more crucial than ever. Being essential for successful digital marketing efforts, it can mean the difference between drawing a large amount of website traffic and being lost amid the billions of other websites on the Internet.

Custom Built WordPress Websites

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We offer affordable web design service with affordable search engine optimization here in Halifax NS. It would be our pleasure to help you dominate your competition online.

How our digital marketing agency works

SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, and Development-A One Stop Solution!

Our core objective is to Strengthen your online game – increase your online traffic by creating an engaging experience for your customers with extensive market research. We focus on:-

  • Web design and development- custom websites designed to meet your needs
  • Search engine optimization- activities that take you higher up the Google ladder
  • Social Media marketing- pay to get placed on the first page of search engines
  • Search engine Marketing- tailored strategy to connect with the right audience

Our Team members believe you should maintain these 5 best marketing strategies to promote your business:-

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Why Puppet Brush has the Best SEO Services in Canada?

The team of Seo experts in our company is proudly serving clients across various seo segments like Local SEO, E-commerce SEO, and National SEO. With a 95% client retention rate paired with a consistently positive ROI track record and an unprecedented commitment to customer service, we truly believe we are the best Search engine optimization agency among other seo agencies in Toronto, Vancouver, Canada!

Every SEO expert of our team works according to the following process:

Analyzing to build SEO Strategy

Being one of the best SEO company in the industry, our first step is to analyze our clients’ company deeply including competitor analysis, and modify some strategies to perform for both national and local SEO.

Discussions for backup plans

Then we discuss our plans with our customers for reviews. In case, one of our plans doesn’t please a client, we also produce backup SEO solutions for reviews.

Finding the best keywords

The next thing we do is keyword research related to their businesses and find out the best keyword terms to implement. For the local business company, we analyze the potential keyword terms that people from a specific area search most often. Then we perform the local SEO method.

On-page SEO & off-page SEO

In this step, we perform on-page, and off-page SEO, and implement keyword terms according to your business, products, and site complexity.

Link Building Navigation

In long-term partnership, we maintain the site of a client, keep updating our SEO strategy according to Google and other platform tips, and perform link building with popular websites.

Here you will find all the possible services you can expect from an SEO company in Canada.

Custom Built WordPress Websites

Check out our Custom Built wordpress websites to get started!

Areas We Cover

New Brunswick
British Columbia
Prince Edward Island
Newfoundland and Labrador

Some key"points" we focus on while we research on your keywords

Custom Strategy

Based on your needs and goals

Monthly Consultation

Let us show you the ropes to SEO. Sit with us every month and learn what you should really focus on.

Dedicated Account Manager

Same person assisting you every time so that you do not have to waste time and get right to business.

Competitor Analysis

Gain insight on your competition

Performance Reports

Evaluate the strategies we implement

Directory Placements

Get placed in major online directories

Top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company in Canada

Are you searching for “best seo services near me” or “the best seo agency in Canada”? Puppetbrush digital marketing agency, one of the top SEO companies in Canada is here to serve you with the finest seo service. Besides, we offer award-winning solutions for web design & web development and services. Browse through our company website to find the digital marketing services that best suit your business preferences.

Being one of the best SEO service provider companies amidst other agencies in Toronto, Vancouver, Canada, our team of SEO experts follow the White Hat SEO process, a legal and effective way to rank. Unlike a few other SEO agencies and web design company in Toronto, Vancouver, Canada we avoid Black and Grey Hat SEO, which are illegal processes to rank your site temporarily before you get banned for a lifetime.

SEO Services in Canada

Puppetbrush – The best seo agency in Canada for all your needs!

The internet has redefined business marketing in almost every manner. Due to the abundance of online information, people experience a lack of traffic. Hence, investing in SEO is critical for business growth, whether you want to improve your rating in search engine results pages, increase website traffic, or appear in local search results. Contact our head office in Canada to get your business fully optimized for search engines with proven solutions for digital marketing services and web design and development at the best price.

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