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Tired of web design agencies charging hidden costs & high prices per month only to give poor web designs? Worry no more because our trustworthy web designers here to fulfill your needs for affordable web design packages in Canada!

Puppetbrush web design company aims to add value and growth to your business and websites by providing you cheap web design services that do not compromise quality. Our website builders will hook you up with cheap WordPress based affordable Web design services along with search engine optimization so that you get the best results from your website to slice through your online competition! Our web designers & web developers make sure you get affordable custom web design and development services without having to burn a hole in your pocket!

Why Web Design Matters - Expand Your Business Site!

Website design has an impact on how your people perceive your organization as a brand. Whether the customers stay on your website to learn more about your business or leave and go to a competitor’s would depend upon the first impression you make on them through your website design plan. Great web designs with the best templates and features keep customers on your page longer increasing the chances of potential growth value and revenue for the business in the long run. Affordable professional web design and development helps your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, improves customer service, and establishes brand trust and consistency.

If you’re looking for a store builder, an ecommerce website builder or, a cheap website hosting service for your new ecommerce business you need to understand how affordable ecommerce web design works first! Take a look at the list below!


Brand Value & Loyalty

Web design ideas, influence how most individuals judge the credibility of your company. By just looking at things like logo, UX, graphic design & app development styles, consumers identify successful business organizations. So it’s important to ensure that your website designs are relatable with the items available in your business. Outline, styles, logo, and fonts should be similar to maintain consistency on the website.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Web design has an immense effect on your site’s content publishing potential, which then affects how top search engines rank your page. That aside, the SEO marketing strategy can be hampered by some web design components. Use SEO-friendly measures and affordable professional web design elements to improve page visibility. If you’re unable to do it by yourself, you can always employ a professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company, to optimize your website for search engines and bring organic traffic to your website, improving your online presence.

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Ease of Usability

Proper design enables users to access what they’re looking for from your website easily. 86% of website users are seeking data about your goods or services, 52% are looking for your business’ About page and 65% are searching for contact data, according to a web usability survey. It’s easier to find these items with proper web designs. Surfers would otherwise have a poor user experience (UX), spending less time on your websites.


Customer Support

By just visiting your website, your audience will get an insight into how you handle your customers. Not investing in the design of your page makes your target audience disbelieve in your ability to be economical and efficient. Invest in a vivid, up-to-date, and eye-catching affordable custom web design to make your business look open and inviting.


Dominate Competition

It’s easier to draw more leads when your affordable ecommerce web design is more refined and optimized than others. Integrate features into your site that will make your business unique. The purpose here is to illustrate how your service can be much better than others in the same field.


Reaching Mobile Device Users

Most online searches are now taking place on a mobile phone. A mobile-friendly website design is essential to be active on all devices now that Google has implemented a mobile device-first approach. In reality, more than 80% of adults agree that the mobile web design of a business should be as good or better than their affordable professional web design for desktops.


Conversion rates

You can guide your audience according to your preferences with a great website design as you gain control of their sight. As a result, you can realize higher conversion rates and improving the viewers’ user experience (UX).

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How much does it cost to hire a web designer?

Affordable professional Web design prices from web design agencies can range anywhere from $100 to $3,000 or more. An affordable eCommerce web design for your e-commerce website in Canada might have a price range between $1,000 and $5,000. (Prices payable through any accepted payment gateway). You can pay prices through different payment gateways but PayPal has been a common payment gateway lately. You’ll also need to pay for website domain name registration, monthly web hosting prices/hosting plans, payment processing plugins, and update recurring prices for your ecommerce websites through one of the suitable payment gateways.

Don’t worry, our web designers will try to consider your conveniences for an affordable web design experience at Puppetbrush web design agency. To partner up with our web developers and web design experts providing award-winning web design and development along with seo campaign, site security services check out our website and contact us via message/email address or call us at +1 (888) 902 6101.

Small business website design packages

Cheap Web design And Hosting

Puppetbrush strives to make the affordable web design process for your new ecommerce website comfortable. Although many people believe that the web designer is responsible for writing all of the content and obtaining all of the images, this is not the case.

Our web designers and WordPress website builders are not like everyone else! We recognize that small businesses are educated about their organization but may not be aware of the best ways to present that information on an ecommerce website. Puppetbrush web designers will do everything they can to assist you, from advising you on one of the best ways to divide your web pages to assist you with photographs and text enhancement. If needed, one of our website builder can even compose your entire text as an add-on service!

We specialize in providing a small and medium organization with affordable website design and search engine optimization service. Our cheap web design package and affordable custom web design are suited for any type of small businesses. To discuss your needs, contact us through email address, or give us a call.


Need a Website Builder?

We got WordPress based affordable Web Design Services

Since good WordPress website design and cheap web hosting services are a great opportunity to increase the success and profitability of your ecommerce business, Puppetbrush believes in providing affordable Web Design packages for you to maximize your ecommerce business growth. We are a one-stop organization for customers who are looking for an affordable web design without compromising quality. Listed below are our service and solutions:-


Web design and development

Would you like to have affordable custom web design and development strategy for the brand according to the android or IOS version? We Got both! Our affordable professional web design agency in Canada, not only develops WordPress websites but also has expertise in speed optimization, conversion optimization & a creative sense of design.


Logo design

Puppetbrush offers your affordable website project, solutions like a creative logo, affordable web design, and unique templates. A web design footer logo, with beautiful templates, makes your ecommerce websites more appealing.


SEO service

We get our clients’ WordPress websites to the top of search engines. Along with seo campaign site security features, this helps to get your ecommerce website more exposure and revenue!


Content Marketing

SEO-based content services for one of your ecommerce websites will get you placed on top, adding growth and value to your affordable website!


Social media marketing

Social media gives a huge opportunity to engage with numerous potential clients. Hence, our affordable professional web design company uses social media to get a larger audience for your ecommerce websites.

Why get our Affordable Web Design Package

Puppetbrush website designs are dedicated to your needs! Readymade templates from WordPress.com or even other template based ready-made designs are used by many people offering affordable web design services. Some developers claim WordPress as a blogging platform but these one-for-all templates and designs are created by web developers to allow anyone operating the WordPress website to easily adapt to them. The web designer can then insert text and images to emphasize your business brand, but the personalization may not be as successful for each organization as our custom design projects focusing solely on the client’s individual needs from scratch.

At Puppetbrush everything for is crafted to concentrate solely on your goods & services in a way that speaks about your business message to the target audience as well as possible. Apart from fully personalized designs from scratch to meet your needs, here are a few more reasons explaining why our starter plan of affordable web design packages with WordPress web builder will give you the best results!


Use of Latest Technology

Each web designer in our team designs a WordPress website using all the updated technologies for affordable custom web design. We create an amazing web presence with a WordPress website for every client making sure key elements like speed optimization, conversion optimization is executed properly.


Experienced and Dedicated Web Developers

Our web designers and developers are well educated and highly experienced. They are very passionate about their work. Our team of site builders is professional and knows their work very well considering the pros cons before applying a certain method.


Smooth UX for Your Customers

People can not make profits from businesses if their websites do not attract others. So, it is very important to build a WordPress website that can give users a better experience. We keep in mind your potential viewers’ age range and personality before we design a WordPress website.


Responsive Web Designs

People can visit your WordPress website from various devices. But your WordPress website will appear differently on different devices. Sometimes, features of an ecommerce website that was designed for widescreen will not work as expected on a mobile phone or tablet with different screen sizes. But, each and every one of our websites are perfectly accessible and usable from any platform or device.


Social Media Marketing to Promote Your WordPress Website

Puppetbrush not only helps you with affordable web design but also promotes your WordPress website through social media. Our SEO team can cooperate to grow your businesses and ecommerce website in Canada.

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PuppetBrush Web design Company- Web designers with Finesse!

Regardless of your business type, our affordable custom web design agency will collaborate with you to build and comprehend your company’s needs to produce a distinctive, professional WordPress website that will amaze your customers to increase sales and leads.

Our affordable professional web design company goes to tremendous efforts to ensure that your content is given in a way that allows visitors to discover the information they need quickly and intuitively, leading to a delightful and effective user experience. Our affordable web design package will create the greatest website for your organization. Contact us through email address/phone for further details about our cheap web design and development service.

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