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Dentist, it’s time to upgrade your dental website! It might be hard to believe that your website design is what makes the first impression on customers. But in reality, people are more likely to click away from a site if they find it confusing or unappealing. And when you’re trying to reach potential clients who live near you, every little detail matters.

You want them walking through the door of your office and not those of a competitor because they don’t like your website design. Puppetbrush digital agency has helped many dentists create dental websites that stand out from their competitors with engaging content and an attractive layout so that patients & visitors can easily browse all their services without feeling overwhelmed.

PuppetBrush offers a range of unique dental website design services to help your company thrive. Our objective is to help you establish your brand. We have the user experience in mind when creating your dentist website. With our Expandable features integrated with your web presence, we want to make your custom dental websites navigable with an attractive website design whether you live in Toronto or elsewhere.

Why do you need a custom dental website design?

Customized dental design means a complete dentist website based on your individual aesthetic and functional preferences, which ultimately leads to a fully separate digital presence for your office & for patients too.

What’s the specialty?

In comparison with the custom website design, we utilize the idea of renting apartments rather than owning a house. You can hang photos when renting an apartment, and add different surface adaptations, that make your flat look like a home, but never take out walls or make any big changes to meet your exact requirements.

The same applies to a changeable web design template – you are allowed to manipulate some components of the dentist website, but you always have certain website design limits and maybe great restrictions.

On the other hand, you can create everything to suit your specific wants and wishes just like purchasing a house (or 100 fully customized sites).

Why you need dental web design companies?

The internet is a bustling marketplace, and your goal should be to stand out on search engines. A custom dental website will help you do just that! This blog post will discuss the benefits of a custom dentist website for dentists, as well as give some examples of what these websites can look like.

Control over content

You might be asking yourself what’s so great about dental website design? Well, there are a few benefits. To start off with, they offer some more control over your content than the website design elements.

keyword crafting

This means you can take full advantage of SEO and keywords by crafting the copy in an individualized way! In addition to this, you can build a brand or brand identity for your clinic or office with a custom website design.

Now that you know what’s so great about a custom dentist website, let’s take a look at some examples of how they can work as well!

Example of a client

The first example is from Dr. Aarza Dental in Toronto. This site has two columns on the homepage: one column showcasing before and after photos; and another listing services offered by the practice. There are also tabs to navigate different pages such as patients inquiries, patient reviews, payment options, services Offered, email, Contact & direction information as well!

It’s easy enough to see why all this type of website design would be attractive for any dentist looking to build up their brand. Even you should know that in this covid 19 pandemic, customers book appointments online from home.

Dental web designers | Puppetbrush

The web design process of a dentist website

We participate in the website design and development process, with feedback and approval that make a difference in dentist website development. We have provided a general overview of our website design process below for an idea of what you might expect.

Adequate research & discovery

Discovery includes the gathering of your branding information, colors, pictures, style, messages, and more. To help with this we often give samples or dental practice web design of other sites that identify website design features you like or dislike.

During this stage, all preferences will be recognized with care and subsequently integrated with website design.

Make a proper structure

We will develop a dental practice site architecture from scratch which integrates all the dentists’ services and practical news that you want to incorporate so that we can navigate easily and optimize the search engine. Our Search Engine Optimization experts will analyze your website design structure and make any recommendations that we think are essential if you have an existing website.

Proper content planning

As a specialist among dental website design companies, we have huge experience in the dentist website design business. As we understand the brand identity and features of the services that you provide, our copywriting staff will inform and educate patients in a proper way.

Once you have approved the plan, our team will get to work on implementing it, ensuring that the service you want for your website is captured while incorporating option and information critical for excellent readability and SEO success.

Building site

Once your website design & logos are agreed upon, our website developers will progress to up-to-date coding, and develop the best practices. In order to provide a better illustration or stock photography, graphic design, and other elements like logo, internet marketing, email marketing, approved content is now contributed by our team. You would like to have your website design in cms for example WordPress, Joomla, etc.

Why work with Puppetbrush for dental practice web design

Specialization in dentist web design services

PuppetBrush is dedicated to developing a unique dentist website design that represents the quality of our clients dental practice. We are also assisting them in standing out in their local markets like the pacific northwest of Toronto so that they can get visitors or patients’ appointments by their website. The following features distinguish us from other web designers

Strong experience

We have over ten years of website design experience for dental professionals so that we can use a variety of proven components that enhance presence while addressing your services and business. Our design team combines beauty and utility to create a practice site that is both visually appealing and intuitively user-friendly—all with the objective of attracting patients to your practice.

Mobile-friendly responsive design

Both website design &graphic design team know exactly what features or parts of your desktop should be integrated or excluded on your mobile version to ensure seamless navigation and one-touch interaction while keeping your unique branding. The outcome? Websites that are mobile-ready and user-friendly site. Additionally, Google ranks sites that have responsive website design. Patients can easily browse from mobile.


Get High functional dental practice website design

PuppetBrush Digital Agency got the best dental web designers!

PuppetBrush’s digital marketing agency creates websites that are currently fresh, and extremely effective for hospitals, offices, dentistry clinics of all sizes. Whether you need a completely new website design or want to improve a current design, our marketing solutions are specifically tailored to the dental sector.

We have a staff of web developers, logo designers, graphics designers, SEO team, and copywriters with years of experience, marketing strategies, and competence in developing effective dental websites.

Whether dental practices or a more advanced combination of the cosmetic dental practice, restoration work, and orthodontics, we will create a cutting-edge web design that provides prospective patients with an overview of services,

Whether you are living in Toronto or British Columbia, Puppetbrush is there for you. Contact us by email, phone number or fill out our form! Get the best available deal for dental practices website on an affordable budget. Check out our sample design from the list then contact us!

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