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Are you ready to dominate the online competition with your small business? PuppetBrush is a dedicated web design development team that’s also an expert in search engine optimization to help you transform your ideas into an attractive and functional website that ranks at the top of search engines.

PuppetBrush web design company offers web design services at affordable web design prices. From small businesses website to eCommerce websites, our web designers and web developers cover it all. We also offer quality web hosting and domain name registration for your business. Email us today to Check out our web design packages.

Websites are the best way to share your information with others. It’s a great way to let people know what you do, who you are, and what you’re all about. You need a website for everything from promoting events to selling products online.

The problem is that not everybody knows how to make their website look good with affordable web design. That’s where PuppetBrush web design comes in we can take all of your ideas and turn them into a wonderful website design that will help attract more customers and get new clients interested in your business.

What is Website design?

Web design makes it easy for people who visit your site to find what they want enjoying the ease of navigation with an attractive & responsive user interface.

Web design/website design is the process of designing a website and all that it entails. Web designers create layouts, graphics, logos, icons, etc. It’s important to have a web designer who knows what they’re doing because if your site isn’t attractive enough or doesn’t offer the right information, you won’t get customers.

A good web design is simple to use, aesthetically pleasing, and appropriate for the website’s user group and brand. Eliminating all necessary causes of user aggravation is essential because the foundation of a web designer’s work is a site that gains the target audience’s trust. Only a professional web design and development company can make this right.

A web designer works on the look, layout, and, in certain situations, content of a website. General appearance refers to the color scheme, font/typography, and photos inserted. The layout of information refers to how it is organized and classified.


Which website builder is best for e-commerce?

Different Web designers will have their own website builder of choice but mostly a website builder like WordPress, Joomla, etc. will give you the best results. With the help of this website builder and programming skills, a web designer can create visually stunning websites that are responsive across devices with faster loading times than ever before.


How an affordable professional web design company can help you grow

An affordable web design company can save your time as well as money. They will have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to build a website that is easy to navigate through and has extensive features. Web design agencies are available in many different sizes; some specialize in smaller businesses while others work with a larger organizations.

It’s important to choose website design companies that have experience designing websites for businesses similar to yours. They will know what features should be included on your websites, such as social media integration or an eCommerce storefront, payment gateways or custom store builder with website builders like wordpress.com.

When choosing web designers, it’s also worth looking at their portfolio of previous projects because this will give you an idea of how well they communicate the messages from the business owners as well as how creative they are with work plan, color schemes, fonts, templates, images, speed optimization conversion optimization & customer support etc.

Affordable web design Services | Puppetbrush

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Perks of collaborating with a web design agency providing affordable custom website design

You know your website will be developed to suit your business when you select professional website design services. The web designer evaluates you and your items and cooperates with you to achieve your website goal.

Would you like to create sales online? Sales walk-in? Is your site intended to provide information? Once these and other questions have been addressed, your website will match your particular demands.

The makers of DIY websites limit their site capabilities and often restrict visuals and text as they don’t use custom website builders. This can be better, but it leaves much to be desired. Ask yourself how many others have a comparable site, for example?

It can be challenging for the preconceived templates to produce a true website that is distinctive from the rest. These limits are not imprisoned by professional web designers.

Search engine optimization friendly

SEO or search engine optimization is utilized to make your website highly qualified by experienced web designers. If your website cannot be easily found by the search engine, your potential customers will not. To be found, your website must be optimized.

Seamless User Experience

A skilled web design agency can help you build a website that users can quickly read and browse on any media platform. Fine designers already have a strong understanding of the average trip of web users. When you’re browsing, you know where you want the menu, screen sizes, and how you want to browse. Users can experience precise, straightforward and enjoyable ux with optimized websites.

Websites that can tie your digital campaign

You may market online on various channels, such as social media, eCommerce business and apps. You may contact digital consumers from all corners of the world on all these channels. Social networks like Facebook and Instagram have millions of members to whom you can sell. Ecommerce websites such as Shopify and Big Commerce provide you with a ready-to-use website builder for starting your business.


Using a professional web design and development agency will save you time in a variety of ways. For starters, skilled designers can accomplish the project more quickly. They understand the complexities of developing a successful internet presence. In most circumstances, you’ll have your website created and ready to go quickly. The pros about The most experienced web development company needs weeks only to create a structure for the website.

Second, a web design business will save you time by reducing the amount of upkeep required. Because websites are thoroughly tested before launch, you can be confident that they will not crash in web hosting, have technical faults, or have speed optimization conversion optimization.

Failure of your website can result in a loss of online sales and visitors, as well as terrible first impressions and the potential loss of good consumers. This is especially crucial for an eCommerce website that relies on positive customer experiences to increase sales & revenue.


Affordable custom web design | Puppetbrush

Things to consider for finding an affordable web design company

You will have to select a trusted, experienced and competent organization that does not cut corners to build a great internet presence. Sometimes companies are not responsible for research or end up with terrible web designs or developers that give low-quality services at excessive prices. Here’s a couple of things to see:

Choose web designers based on experience and portfolio

When hiring a website designer, you should consider the experience of the agency rather than its price. A website is an important investment as it can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars over several years. Experience matters because a web designer with more professional skills will create a website that users are more likely to stick around.

The design firm’s portfolio is another great way to gauge how good they are at what they do. Please go through the website designs and look for professionalism and creativity in them. If you like their work, then add them to your shortlist. You can also search online to find clients’ reviews about the website design company, giving you a better idea of how they operate.

Ask for sample website designs

When hiring web designers, requesting for samples can help. This way, you can get an idea of what to expect when the website is delivered. If you like their design and think it suits your business, you should proceed with them.

You can also ask any questions about the costs or other details regarding website development to see if the web design agency has all of the answers ready before getting down to business. Asking these questions beforehand will ensure that both parties know exactly what they’re going into and will help avoid confusion later on when things are hectic.

Keep an eye out for web design packages

Web design companies that offer website design packages are typically more affordable than those that give you a quote just for your website. Web design companies package website designs based on various factors. Some may have a website starting from $500, and others might have one for as low as $99, but their designs still look great. If you think it’s over your prices or want something custom-designed, not templates, then it’s best to get quotes from different designers.

Not every website designer can provide SEO services

Web designers who do web design only cannot provide SEO campaign site security services, which might be a problem for you if website traffic is your main priority. SEO services can cost thousands of dollars, and website designers who do website design only won’t have the skills and experience needed to develop a website that will rank high on search engines with services like seo campaign site security.

Obviously, you would like to see your business or eCommerce website on google maps ranking at the top of search engines right?

You can hire a separate team or agency to provide SEO services like SEO campaign site security or you can collaborate with Puppetbrush and enjoy a one-stop solution to get your website optimized for search engines at the same time you’re getting web design services.


How much does it cost to hire a web designer?

Instead of asking how much website designing costs, ask what their web design packages are and their features instead. This way, you can get an idea of whether they offer website designs that fit your prices. If the website design organization does not have an affordable web design package, consider adding more features to their packages instead of asking for a different website design. Web design companies will typically work with you on this, so don’t worry about being forced to get something out from your range of prices.

Get affordable professional web design service with PuppetBrush today!

If you are looking for an affordable web design service at low prices, then look no further! We, PuppetBrush, Our team of website design services, will work with you to create the perfect website tailored to your needs. We offer services from basic web pages and blogs all the way up to full eCommerce websites.

Our skilled in-house web designers and web developers have been polishing their abilities and leveraging the latest and best technologies to help our clients reach their online sales goals year after year. At PuppetBrush web design development, we trust effective website and eCommerce solutions combine superb web design, rock-solid technology, and integrated web marketing.

We have worked with startups, small enterprises, eCommerce website and huge corporations to deliver professional and dependable website design and SEO with demonstrable features. We’ve helped numerous businesses to acquire a competitive edge in their sector while giving personalized service and customer support.

Our cheap website designs are responsive and suited for tablet and smartphone use, as well raw, greater features and great visual quality.

Responsive website design

Our affordable web designs are particularly responsive to all mobile devices, resulting in a more engaging, custom website builder and enjoyable user experience. Optimized for all devices and the best possible Google positioning, providing the perfect first impression every time, using premium stock photos, etc.

Did you know that Google penalizes websites that do not function properly on smartphones and tablets? That is why we focus on web development & web designs professionally for your websites that provide mobile-friendly web experiences that increase engagement.

Secure Web Hosting & Domain registration

Our affordable web design solutions include a wide range of options for leveraging your business. We understand that our clients would rather spend their valuable time on more important duties to manage and maintain the website hosting.

We offer fast and secure servers that will increase the speed and positioning of your company’s online presence. Complete SSL and security solutions, servers optimized for speed, CDN (Content Delivery Network), and domain name registration are all included in the package.

Check out our affordable web design package for your business, organization or eCommerce website.


Use of latest web design technology

Web design agencies have access to the most recent trends, technologies and software when designing a website. Therefore we can make sure your website is up-to-date with all of today’s web standards. They know what’s going on in the industry, so you don’t have to worry about being left behind by the latest innovations.

With a professional web design company, you can save your time and money. It can be difficult for business owners to find the time to search for new trends, write code on their own sites or make sure their website is up-to-date with all of today’s web standards. A professional web design agency has many clients, so they will use their domain knowledge and web design expertise to ensure your sites are working correctly and up to date.

We have the skills, knowledge, proper plan, and expertise to build a website that is easy to navigate and looks good. Web design services are available in many sizes; some specialize in smaller businesses while others work with larger organizations. It’s important to choose someone who has experience in designing websites on WordPress since it is one of the best in the industry right now. Our experienced designers know what features should be included on your websites, such as social media integration or an eCommerce storefront, and payment gateways, etc.

Stand-out with social media marketing

Social media has huge pros on website traffic and marketing. If you want your website to have an active online presence, then you must hire website designers who can help you reach out to social networks like Facebook or Twitter, or it can be through email marketing. This way your website will be promoted through social media and more users may visit your website as well. Avoid web design companies that lack experience in developing a website with good social media integration.


Affordable eCommerce web design

There is no eCommerce website without an eCommerce website design. A simple eCommerce website is just – a place to process payments and send the client to an external payment provider like PayPal or Stripe for checkout. But there are two types of e-commerce. You can set up your domain name, which will only provide you with an online portal to do business and another kind of e-commerce that will be highly integrated with your website and convert visitors into customers immediately (like Amazon eCommerce).

If your eCommerce website is not optimized for mobile, you’re losing customers. An eCommerce website should be part of a large eCommerce strategy that optimizes every aspect of your e-commerce business to attract and retain customers.

Sure, designers and e-commerce web designers are hard to come by nowadays, but the question remains on who can actually build a proper eCommerce website? And don’t forget about search engines too if you like to stand out on google maps.



What is the cheapest way to create a website?

Which website builder is the cheapest?

You can find free eCommerce web design, with a free domain name but it may come at the cost of reduced functionality, less robust platform features, or poorer quality architecture. In the long run, this could make your e-business costs more than simply paying the eCommerce website design prices upfront. So it would help if you had eCommerce Web designers who can offer you the best e-business solution for your business at reasonable prices and on time.

This is why we encourage eCommerce web designers to look at eCommerce web development as their main business activity. Our web design team takes commerce websites very seriously! We are eCommerce specialists capable of implementing your eCommerce idea effectively together with your financial goals in mind.


How much does an eCommerce website cost?

It’s also important to understand that building an online store from scratch can be expensive and time-consuming if done properly. However, cheaper options with free domains are also available at the cost of reduced quality, as mentioned above. Hence, it is better to research beforehand and find out how much e-business solutions can cost and compare some eCommerce providers.

The eCommerce web design process includes e-business strategy, eCommerce web development and eCommerce websites launch. If you are looking for an e-store Web, designers could be the right decision for you as they can help you set up a simple e-shop to work with off-the-shelf products or customize a popular eCommerce platform by website builders like Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce. WordPress website builder is considered to be one of the best in the industry.


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PuppetBrush Digital Marketing Agency, offers quality website design services at affordable prices in Nova Scotia, Alberta, Toronto and all across Canada. From small business website to large eCommerce website, we cover it all. We also offer quality web hosting, website builders, stock photos & eCommerce themes.

We do not believe in contracts being locked into a long-term agreement with expensive renewal fees! Our commitment is to provide you with the best service possible with a proper plan & the most competitive pricing structure on the market today.

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