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We’re a digital marketing firm based in Halifax, Canada. Puppetbrush is the best digital online marketing agency in Canada for all your online marketing needs under one umbrella. We develop online marketing campaigns and online solutions customized to your requirements. It is  always a joy to watch our clients dominate their online competition. We are also on BBB, Google, Tech Behemoths, DesignRush and more!

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Fatema Siddiqua

Founder / Head of Ads

Hi! This is Fatema. I’ve been associated with Puppetbrush and web development for over 2 years. What started as a hobby, ended up me being involved in an website building and  digital marketing industry being a master at Ads!
Kazi Farhan Masum | Puppetbrush

Co-Founder / SEO Head

Hi! This is Kazi. I’ve been associated with SEO for over 5 years. For me building lead generating websites started as a challenge but that ended up me being involved in an SEO digital marketing industry. 
kevin dar - IT rollout

IT Head / Partner

I’m Kevin Darr, heading IT operations. Passion drives me in crafting seamless systems. Over the years, I’ve fine-tuned my skills to navigate tech’s twists and turns. Guiding my team, collaboration sparks innovation. In this fast-paced realm, I’m not just a leader; I’m a catalyst for progress.

Kazi Mashrur - PB - Puppetbrush

Kazi Mashrur

Manager / Web Developer

K Fahim Sharar - Puppetbrush

K Fahim Sharar

Project Manager

Hi there! I’m K Fahim Sharar. My passion lies in driving success and fostering collaboration. With a knack for coordinating teams and delivering exceptional results, I’m ready to embark on a journey of project excellence together with you!
Newaz Sharif - Puppetbrush

Newaz Sharif

SEO Specialist

Hey! I’m Newaz, and my venture into the world of SEO and digital marketing sparked from a moment of inspiration. It’s been an exhilarating ride, and I’m passionate about creating a profound effect through my skills and expertise in this dynamic industry.

Aqib Noor - Puppetbrush

Aqib Noor

Content Specialist

I am Aqib Noor. Specializing in Web Design and SEO content production, has been a blessing for my creative drive. Passion for my field of work has helped me navigate through this amazing journey.  

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