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902 Auto
902 Auto
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Thank you Kazi. I really appreciate everything you've done for me. You have been an enormous help! You did a great job and were very honest and trustworthy, very important in the SEO business.
James Peterson
James Peterson@jamespeterson
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Very impressed with the work they did for me, and the results achieved. Real professionals, highly recommended!
Christopher Palmer
Christopher Palmer
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The web design services from Puppetbrush have been excellent. The owner Kazi Farhan is very helpful! His service has helped me beyond my expectation.
Cory  D. Ferguson
Cory D. Ferguson
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These guys are criminally underrated in terms of SEO expertise!
Caroline R. Reyes
Caroline R. Reyes
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Great Seo services from a team of highly skilled Seo experts. They are knowledgeable and supportive. Very satisfied with the services! Would Definitely Recommend!
Charles Milton
Charles Milton
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Best Web Design Company. Thanks Kazi!
Madison Coles
Madison Coles
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They have provided me with a variety of services over the years: design, website development, marketing, and so on. Love this company!
Mishel Wood
Mishel Wood
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best development team to work with. Highly recommended
Jordge Willims
Jordge Willims
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Outstanding Social media marketing company for work with.
Robert Trotter
Robert Trotter
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Great team to work with! Efficient and fast!!
Elise Knight
Elise Knight
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Great service, highly professional and organized team! I would not hesitate to contact them again, and see Kazi as my Digital Marketing partner. Keep up the good work guys!
Michel Mary
Michel Mary
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Designed our company website from Puppetbrush. Pretty satisfied with the output.
John Stuart
John Stuart
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Great service and highly recommended.
Ryan MacMicheal
Ryan MacMicheal
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Kazi is very knowledgeable to his craft. I've been afforded the opportunity to work with him on some projects, and learned a lot from him over the past few years. He's very professional, detail oriented, and methodical when working with his clients. This is refreshing, because he provides you the insights and the information needed for you to understand the processes of having your site on the web. I'd recommend Kazi's services without hesitation.
Thomas Villers
Thomas Villers
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The Cariad team developed my website and went on to support its launch with a digital marketing campaign. They are very easy to work with and I felt they wanted the best for me and my new business venture.
Jenson Thron
Jenson Thron
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Great job! I would Highly recommend Kazi.
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Digital advertising is a huge business these days. After all, over the last decade internet use has increased and this transition has changed massively how consumers buy goods and communicate with companies.

But, what’s digital marketing? Digital marketing is a process to communicate with and affect your new clients like every other form of marketing. The only distinction is that you link to these consumers online and persuade them.

Puppetbrush, our SEO marketing firm provides the best service that you won’t find anywhere else in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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902 Auto Sales | Web Design | Search Engine Marketing/Optimzation
E-commerce Website example - Puppetbrush.com - e-commerce web design Canada
E-commerce Website example
Kid's Website example - Puppetbrush.com - Kid's web design Canada
Kid's Website example

How much does it cost to hire a digital marketing agency?

The hiring cost of an advertising organization actually depends on branding strategy, generating leads, maintain social media, e.t.c. In general, these organizations cost $500 up to $20,000 per month.

What does a digital marketing agency do?

Digital marketing essentially refers to all attempts or assets to sell digitally. All of the excellent things of digital marketing are email marketing, click-and-file a d, social media marketing, Google advertising, or even blog writing, which will help the target market connecting with your business and making them shop in Canada. Digital marketing is a process in which goods and services are promoted and sold through techniques. And the marketing firm which provides this branding service is known as Digital Agency.

How much do digital marketing agency owners make?

Earning in digital advertising depends on the longevity of a campaign project. If you book ten customers a year for a lower mean of 4,000 dollars a month, that is around 40 thousand dollars a month, or a good deal more than 5 hundred thousand dollars a year.

Which assets do you need for advertising your brand?

There is no specific number of digital advertising weapons. You can count almost everything as branding assets. However, there are lots of people who don’t know how many branding resources they have. Let’s talk about some important assets among them.

The first thing that comes up is your website. Websites are the best medium to get in touch with targeted leads. It increases the possibility to have potential clients for your brand.

The second most important thing in a marketing project is Branding. Creating a logo, icon, or catchy name for brands can help you advertise your organization more.

Video advertising also plays an essential role here. Hire a standard video production company to make video content.

Content creation is a very productive way to promote your brands to the world. Content marketing or blog writing can achieve your business goal.

Free Site Audit

With our free page audit, you will be able to detect all the issues in your current site and analyze them.

5 best marketing strategies you should maintain to promote businesses

In addition, the list of online marketing strategies is rapidly changing. Some of the marketing strategies which are very important for business sites are mentioned below.

PPC marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) is basically a general term covering any form of digital advertisement, in which all users clicking on an ad pay. Google AdWords is a kind of PPC advertisement, namely, search advertising. Facebook commercials represent another type of PPC advertisement, known as “pay social media advertising.”

Search engine optimization

You can also perform search engine optimization (SEO) to try ranking pages or blogging organically on your web if you don’t want to pay to display on the first page of Google or in social media. You won’t have to spend for any click, but it normally takes some time and effort to get a page to rank.

Social media marketing

Similar to SEO projects, social media marketing is the inexpensive and organic way to advertise your company using social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. And like SEO services, it takes a lot of time and resources to advertise the companies naturally on social media, but at a point, you have to spend money in the long term.

Content marketing

Another very broad definition of branding is content marketing. Content marketing includes any attempt to create brand recognition or to generate interactions, leads, and purchases using content to dominate your competitors.

Graphic design and website design

Web design provides visitors with the first encounter with your brand. In seconds, the marketing strategy can be determined. If the graphic design and web development of websites are unattractive and outdated, the consumer will certainly have a poor sense of your business idea. This website will not work for them, which would diminish your profile for clients.

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Puppetbrush - Halifax inbound marketing company

Puppetbrush is one of Canada’s top SEO producers and B2B companies in Nova Scotia, Canada. We are actually similar to a boutique marketing firm but not really one though. In addition to a web creation and branding firm, we are now designed. The name of our business has become a symbol of confidence and honesty in Canada. Puppetbrush declared its position on the top in a really short time. We deliver SEO services of all kinds and also online auditing, web development, and graphic design. Canada, especially in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is certainly better than most recognized advertising agencies. In particular. Puppetbrush has great experience as a communications organization and a web design industry.

We have recently worked on huge numbers of the campaign. Our services include website development and placing the platform on top of search results, supporting brands such as large and low ads in Halifax. We also work as a video production house for making video content.

If you are feeling to take our service, shoot us a message!

3 reasons why we are one of the best digital marketing agencies in Nova Scotia

Our working experience and site management services in Halifax, Nova Scotia, make us the best branding company for our customers. Puppetbrush is considered to be the finest SEO and website design firm with the following factors:

We follow the current marketing strategy

Our developers are highly qualified and knowledgeable for market research. Our website design and development team members are very familiar with the work of each other and have the talent to provide service on time in Canada.

Our branding team has excellent advertisement experience.

Every up-to-date technical strategy is used by our packaging design and advertising community for promoting your brand. This helps us to build and appreciate an unbelievable online presence for our clients in Canada.

The perfect user experience for the clients!

Brands will not make money if the branding strategies do not attract anyone. Therefore, it is very important to construct proper advertising to enable users to experience more. We take into account the age and lifestyle of your potential customers before we start branding.

We make creativity measurable

Our graphic designers’ team is way more creative when it comes to logo designing or website development strategy.

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